AddApp API Call

Method Sample URL End Point


JSON data should be POSTED to this API call following the structure below.
Field Data Type Sample Value Required? Description
id int 2 required
RepCode String - 10 chars max R2911 required

Gateway Information

Field Data Type Sample Value Required? Description
GatewayInfo array required
GatewayInfo.GatewayID int 1
GatewayInfo.ApplicationID int 22

Gateway Information

Field Data Type Sample Value Required? Description
OwnerInfo array required
OwnerInfo.FirstName joe required
OwnerInfo.LastName String smith required
OwnerInfo.EmailAddress String - 60 chars max
OwnerInfo.Title String Mr
OwnerInfo.SSN String - 9 max chars max 123331234 Do not send dashes "-"
OwnerInfo.DateOfBirth Date 1961-01-01
OwnerInfo.Address1 String - 25 chars max 318 WEST SEVENTH
OwnerInfo.Address2 String - 25 chars max Appt 54
OwnerInfo.City String - 25 chars max Edmonton
OwnerInfo.Zip String - 10 chars max 02125
OwnerInfo.State String - 2 chars max NY
OwnerInfo.Phone String - 20 chars max 831-555-1212
OwnerInfo.Fax String - 15 chars max 831-555-1212

Business Information

Field Data Type Sample Value Required? Description
BusinessInfo array
BusinessInfo.CompanyName String - 30 chars max Demo Test
BusinessInfo.BusinessType NonProfit Valid values are: Coorporation, NonProfit, LLC, SoleProprietor, Estate, Partnership, MedicalCorporation
BusinessInfo.WebSiteUrl String - 60 chars max
BusinessInfo.DoingBusinessAs String - 25 chars max Demo Test required
BusinessInfo.Address1 String - 30 chars max 111 East Main Ave. required
BusinessInfo.Address2 String - 30 chars max Suite 101
BusinessInfo.City String - 30 chars max Dallas required
BusinessInfo.Zip String - 10 chars max 78474 required
BusinessInfo.State String - 2 chars max TX required
BusinessInfo.Phone String - 20 chars max 831-555-1212 required
BusinessInfo.Fax String - 15 chars max 831-555-4444 required

Billing Information

Field Data Type Sample Value Required? Description
BillingInfo Array
BillingInfo.BankAccount Aray This is an array of data that comes under the BillingInfo array.
BillingInfo.BankAccount.ABARoutingNumber String - 20 chars max 011001726
BillingInfo.BankAccount.AccountNumber String - 20 chars maxg 123123123

Processor Information

Field Data Type Sample Value Required? Description
ProcessorInfo Array
ProcessorInfo.BusinessDescription String - 24 chars max test description
ProcessorInfo.MCCCode int 111
ProcessorInfo.MonthlySalesAmount Double 9999
ProcessorInfo.AvgTransactAmount Double 199
ProcessorInfo.MaxTransactAmount Double 2999
ProcessorInfo.OwnerDateOfBirth Date 1961-01-01
ProcessorInfo.BusinessStartDate Date 2000-10-02
ProcessorInfo.TaxId String - 20 chars max 123456789
ProcessorInfo.DoesOfferSubscription int 0 0=no, 1=yes
ProcessorInfo.MonthlySubscriptionPercent int 10 This is a percentage
ProcessorInfo.QuarterlySubscriptionPercent int 45 This is a percentage
ProcessorInfo.SemiAnnualSubscriptionPercent int 33 This is a percentage
ProcessorInfo.AnnualSubscriptionPercent int 45 This is a percentage
ProcessorInfo.DaysToProductDelivery int 5 Number of days
ProcessorInfo.whenIsCustomerCharged Date 1962-01-02


The response will include all of the common response fields. In addition, it will include the following:
Field Values Sample Description
ID int Application ID that was created.
msg String Reason for the failure Failed